For Kala

My oldest granddaughter Kala, lived with me for 2 school years here in AZ.  Her home now and for many years is in TN.  I have very nice memories of when she lived with me.  I have made the afghan (almost finished) for her and will get it in the mail this week.  I have never named anything I have made in the past (except for my three children) but I made this afghan expecially for her and have name it.  It will be called DESERT MEMORIES.   We see many sunsets here in the colors in the afghan.

Enjoy it sweetheart.

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Never can tell

One can never tell what I am going to be doing down in my desert.  Planting veggie garden, sewing, crocheting and knitting but, you know all that.  There was a new one for me today.  My daughters goats are going dry.  She has three goats, one that she has taken to see a fella twice and nothing has happened.  She may be into the hot flash stage of her life and it will never happen but, she got to see a fella one more time and also a younger goat that has dried up.  Becky and I drove up to a neighbors house who has fellers for the girls to visit plus chicks, gardens, dogs, all the things you would expect out here, to pick up the two goats who had been ‘visiting’ for several days.  Becky backed the pickup to a walkway where the goats could just walk away from their visiting place and into the pickup bed.  V-e-rrrry slowly I drove the pickup home while Becky stayed in the back of the truck with the goats, arms wrapped around them to keep them in the truck.  It was a wrestling match part of the way home.  It may have been about 1/2 mile trip over dirt, washboard roads.  The goats recognized ‘home’ just as soon as we pulled into the yard, another wrestling match ensued because one old goat was so very happy to be home she tried to jump out, over the side of the truckbed before we got stopped.  We made it without any mishaps…until I stopped the truck, got out and then CLOSED THE PICKUP DOOR ON THE GOATS LIP ! ! ! !  At Becky’s gasp and  holler I turned back to the door and by then the goat had pulled her lip from the door.  I saw no blood but Becky proceeded cuddling   the goat saying nice baby words to her and saying:  Oh, poor baby, you are going to have a fat lip aren’t you? 

I have not gone back over to inspect the damage, to see if there actually was a fat lip.  One can ever tell what I am going to be doing next out here in my desert.

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76 Trombones

Today*** finally today*** I will have to admit feeling my age.  76 y/o.  For two days I hauled dirt, transferred it to the garden and wore my old self out.  I was so tired I took a nap from about 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.  > ! <  Do you see a great big exclamation mark here?  If not, imagine a much larger one.  Naps seldom ever happen with me, especially not in the morning on top of a couple of cups of coffee!!!.  I am thinking that I can stumble toward the shower, wash off a couple of days worth of dirt and start again now.  I have one more load of mulch awaiting me at the dirt place.  The Fairfax Companies, LLG just past the Ina Road Land Reclamation Facility 5300 Ina Road in case any of you locals would like to know.  $15 a yard for mulch!!  My brother went online to Lowes and figured out that it would cost appx. $100 for a yard of mulch from there.  Oh boy, what a deal.  I love it…and it smells so good.  Don’t understand why it would smell good?  Live in the desert, MY desert where there is not much of anything growing and just know that mulch smells good.

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 I seem to be doing a lot of that these days…in between a lot of hard work.  The other day I asked the Lord to keep me strong because I sure am enjoying the work He has give me to do.  I have thought since then of the saying:  Pray to God but row for shore.  I think that could be the answer for me.  I can’t expect Him to give me strength w/out any effort from me.  Gym membership?  Not needed here in my desert.  Yesterday I found a place that sells dirt.  One would not think I would even consider purchasing dirt when I have 8 acres of my very own dirt but…I want an even better garden this year.  So, I drove down to the place that sells dirt, purchased 1 yard of topsoil and came home and started transferring the dirt from the back of my pickup to the garden area with a very large wheelbarrow.  I found that I could not FILL that very large wheelbarrow and then move it.  I had to cut back on the load.  I finished transferring that dirt this a.m. and then went back to the dirt place and purchased 1 yard of mulch.  Oh such lovely mulch.  It smells so good.  Gonna be such a good garden.   


While shoveling dirt there is plenty of time to think.  Here is something I was thinking about.  I have a brand spanking new Nissan Frontier pick-um-up as my dad used to call them.  Three in my desert family have pickups.  Two advised that I should get a liner installed in the bed of the pick-em-up.  After hauling dirt for a couple of days, trying to keep the shovel from scraping the paint in the bottom of the bed I have decided this:  No liner.  It is a pickup.  My brother calls it a work truck because it is the bare basics.  No auto powered windows.  No auto mirror adjustment.  No cruise control (oh boy do I miss that!)  Using this analogy:  I have heard of some women having their breasts removed so they won’t get cancer.  (I understand there is good reason sometimes for that)  Getting a liner in my truck bed so it won’t get scratched?  I have decided that if and when it gets scratches that start to rust then and only then will I get it lined.  That is like corrective surgery, right?



I don’t think I am completely rested yet.  What else silly can I talk to you about?  How about this?  I will never, ever be finished!  Every place I go in my house has things I should be doing instead of RESTING.  6 a.m or a little later I am at the computer catching up with Facebook friends, playing games, drinking coffee and having breakfast.  When all that is accomplished I head for the yarn and crochet until it gets light and warm enough to go outside.  I am working on an afghan and potholders right now.  I should be working on the bedspread that was promised two Christmases ago.  Of course there is always mending, laundry and ironing and NOW is the time to work outside and get the veggie garden ready.  I have a very small greenhouse that already has many small starter pots with seeds in it, no green heads have popped up yet.  

Must get the rest of that load of mulch offloaded and back to the dirt place tomorrow for more mulch and get it spread and tilled in.  LORD PLEASE KEEP ME STRONG.


Lots of work the Good Lord has given me.  Perhaps I had better get out there and offload the rest.

First blog in a very long time.  Hope I don’t bore you to death while I am RESTING.

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I haven’t blogged in a very long time.  Facebook took possesion of me and any need I had/have for communication.  I also haven’t done anything noteworthy that is different enough for me to post something but…a friend of mine who is new to WordPress doesn’t know now to get her recent blog transferred to F.B. so I am trying to relearn how I have done it in the past. 

That is all,            

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Today is my birthday Yea!

Today, one of my favorite people in the whole world is celebrating her 75th birthday!!! And she’s someone who is proud of her years and, I believe, won’t mind me sharing her age with everyone! I believe she is the one responsible for the boisterous laughing styles amongst our family. She never takes herself too seriously, and she loves her family deeply. I love her stories most of all. No matter how many times she tells them. 🙂 She is the best person to dance in the rain with, or watch the rain with for that matter… And watching people fall down or hurt themselves is never as funny as it is when I’m with her. I miss her dearly– singing with her, laughing with her, telling stories with her! I love you soooo much, Grammy! Happy birthday!!!!
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More fun





Daughter on the next lot from me has been making braided rugs out of jeans.  She has saved all the pockets and then given them to me.  I never to throw anything out that might be useful…that’s me.  I have been waking up, dreaming of how to use those pockets.  Below is what I came up with.  I have yards and yards and yards of ribbon gathered from thrift stores, garage sales and the daughter next door.This is going to be the most original cover/quilt I have ever made.  So much fun

More fun

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Something old and something new

Something old and something new.  NO!  Not getting married.  One of my children (child!  She is 50 y/o!) has gotten interested in Storage Auctions.  Yesterday she and her husband went to one.  Afterwards, she came home and he went to work.  In case you don’t know anything about storage auctions, it is when someone doesn’t pay the rent on a storage unit and after being warned several times, if they don’t pay the rent the unit is auctioned off.  No one is allowed to see rummage around, just look at the contents at the open door and then decide what to bid.  Someone bid a high price on one unit and often daughter and husband ask the buyer if they can stay and see what was in the unit.  Usually they are told no but yesterday were allowed.  In that unit were several travel trunks and those trunks were full,  FULL I SAY! of yardage, unfinished quilts, and oh so much more.  The men who bought the units were disappointed to say the least and didn’t want all that fabric.  My daughter spoke up and told them that their mom made quilts for the poor and ill (another story in itself) and the men GAVE her all of the fabric!!!!  HOORAY, HALLALUJAH (wish I could spell) and other words of celebration.  Said daughter stopped at my front porch and we unloaded about half on my porch and she took the other half and we both headed for our wash machines.  We might empty the well but I believe God will just keep filling it as He keep providing in so many other ways.  Now…to work.  See ya’all sometime later.  😀

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